• Andrée Paige’s Bio

Business Knowledge

Andrée Paige, Founder and President of The Write Paige Inc. (since 2000), is a corporate communications strategist and C-level corporate ghostwriter whose career spans 25+ years working in the private and public sectors, through communications networks and as a business owner.

Integrated Marketing and Communications

Andrée serves in various senior communications advisor and business associate roles—both virtually and in boardrooms. She is also consulted to design and implement integrated marketing and communications solutions for growing businesses. Services include:

  • C-suite/executive-level strategic counsel
  • communications and outreach strategies
  • content strategies, key messages and content
  • corporate branding
  • change management
  • crisis communications
  • facilitation and training
  • digital marketing and advertising
  • websites (design, SEO, UX, content)
  • media relations and social media management
  • production and publication
  • graphic design and print management
  • editing and proofing
  • event management
  • communications outreach initiatives

In 2016, Andrée obtained a Social Media Marketing Certification from Hootsuite Media Inc., Licence #: 10194933.

In 2017, Andrée co-founded NOW Integrated Marketing and Communications, an agile collaboration of three successful marketing and communications strategists, three companies and three networks—offering clients triple the choices and resources.

Content Strategies

Andrée is most recognized for helping organizations transform corporate jargon, complex topics and verbose content into concise, compelling reading, listening and visual experiences. Her focus is not only to communicate, but ultimately to connect with target audiences and markets. View testimonials

Analysis, Strategies, Outreach

Through her network and as a sought-after associate for analysis, strategies and outreach initiatives, Andrée has interviewed, profiled and advised hundreds of business and community leaders as well as their executive teams, employees, B2B clients, B2C customers, vendors and affiliates—helping clients grow (or repair) their brands and public reputations, respond to crises, and advance strategic objectives.

Regional and National Projects

In addition to her extensive experience in the private and not-for-profit sectors, Andrée has been integrated into public sector projects regionally and on a national scale—each involving deep-dive research, dozens of one-on-one interviews with Canadians, evaluation and analysis, and detailed submissions of summary findings, assessments, and/or recommendations.

Earlier Experience

Prior to her career as a consultant, Andrée served as a Page in the House of Commons and went on to work for various Members of Parliament and private sector business leaders. She travelled across Canada and overseas as a backpacker for nearly six years, immersing herself in many different cultures, jobs and experiences.

She was also a recipient of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award: “In recognition of having demonstrated the highest ideals and qualities of citizenship and humanitarian service while in pursuit of excellence in academic, amateur sport, fitness, health and voluntary community service. In so doing has reflected those ideals of courage, humanitarianism, service and compassion, which Terry Fox embodied.”

Andrée’s volunteer experience extends back to her childhood and is ongoing—with her lengthiest commitments involving caretaking and companionship for pets, seniors, veterans, and individuals living with illnesses or disabilities.