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Business and Leadership Experience

Working in English or French, The Write Paige has the experience and resources to support national, regional and local business leaders and their teams. Because Andrée Paige founded a company that specializes in content strategies for executive-level decision-makers, she and her team understand the challenges, priorities and pace of business environments. For over 20 years as a business owner, Andrée has helped leaders:

  • advance, explain or promote corporate strategies
  • pursue business opportunities, clients and markets
  • grow (or repair) public reputations
  • build brand recognition and loyalty
  • prepare business leaders for public presentations and media interviews (facilitation and training)
  • promote new programs and services
  • navigate through mergers, acquisitions and major changes
  • review the effectiveness of existing communications programs
  • develop and implement communications solutions to optimize employee engagement
  • respond to crises or unexpected changes
  • pursue well-deserved recognition and awards
  • structure, visualize and transform content in creative and resourceful ways
  • refine and finalize content for online or print publishing
  • manage graphic design, photography, video and web design projects
  • strengthen business performance over the long term
  • empower clients with current and emerging trends in media, social media and the digital space

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Industries and Sectors Supported

The Write Paige’s Founder and President, Andrée Paige, has primarily supported private enterprises and not-for-profit corporations, but she has also been subcontracted for projects with all levels of government. Her network of consultants allow her to round out her core skills with graphic design, web design, translation and other turnkey solutions. Industries and sectors supported to date:

  • private security
  • defence and aerospace
  • automotive and transportation
  • fuel and lubricant distribution and marketing
  • technology products and services
  • telecommunications
  • manufacturing and merchandising
  • banking, leasing and financing services
  • financial, retirement and estate planning
  • financial divorce planning
  • sustainable agriculture
  • electricity and green power generation
  • solar energy development and deployment
  • LEED-certified construction management
  • workplace and change management
  • management consulting/coaching
  • education and training
  • senior care
  • hearing health care
  • chiropractic care
  • physiotherapy and massage therapy
  • alternative and complementary healthcare
  • wellness, nutrition, sports and fitness
  • event experiences and gifting
  • advocacy and not-for-profit causes
  • advertising, marketing and sales
  • media and social media
  • photo shoots and video production

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