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Virtual Works (Total Office Management)

“I think Andrée’s writing ability and talent are exceptional. What makes Andrée unique is her process and her ability to understand what sets my business apart. Most recently, Andrée has worked on two very important—but very different—writing projects for us. First, she wrote a major proposal, which we won, and second, she worked on the overhaul of our latest website. In both her proposal and website writing, she has a remarkable skill for capturing not only what we really want to say, but more importantly what we really mean to say. Andrée has a very unique ability to draw out our key points within the message.

I’ve known Andrée for many years so she knows a lot about me, my business and how I operate. Part of the reason we align so well is because she is very authentic and conducts her business ethically—that’s important to me. She gets me and what I’m about. The way she writes is true to who I am, and is very ‘real’. She’s a wonderful extension of me and I love working with her.”

Barbara Best, MVA, CCVA
CEO, Virtual Works Inc.